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Our supported child is 

Jepkoech  (Precious) Kimenyor 

Precious was six years old on August 20 (birthday 08/20/2012).

We sent family and personal gifts to celebrate.

Her family is from Kenya, Africa

Let us know if you would like to send a note or a financial gift to Precious.

(Child ID: KE047900044) 

Project: KE-479, FGCK-Sibilo CDC

Location: Sibilo, Nakuru, Kenya

Your sponsored child lives on the hillside community of Sibilo, home to approximately 600 residents. Typical houses are constructed of tin with dirt floors. The primary ethnic group is Tugen and the most commonly spoken language is Kalenjin/Tugen.

The regional diet consists of maize and cereal. Common health problems in this area include malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea and gastrointestinal illnesses. Most adults in sibilo are unemployed but some work as animal herders, market trader or subsistence farmers and earn the equivalent of $30 per month. This community needs employment opportunities, medical equipment and awareness on the importance of education.

Your sponsorship allows the staff of FGCK-Sibilo CDC to provide your sponsored child with Bible teaching, acting lessons, health screenings, drama classes, community service opportunities, contests and life skills training. The center staff will also provide bee keeping seminars and animal husbandry lessons for the parents or guardians of your sponsored child.

 General InformationPopulation: 600

Distance from Major City: 320


Home floor typically made of: Dirt

Home walls typically made of: Tin

Home roof typically made of: Tin/Corrugated Iron

Warmest Month: Sep

Avg. Temperature Of Warmest Month: 35

Coolest Month: JulAvg. 

Temperature Of Coolest Month: 20 c

Climate: DryTerrain: Hilly

Planting Month(s): Mar, Oct

Rainy Month(s): Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec

Harvest Month(s): Jan, Jun

Hunger Month(s): Oct


Primary Occupation: Animal Herding, Petty/Market Trading, Subsistence Farming